Throughout the 30+ years of my archery career I have struggled with many things. One of those things has become quite a thorn in my side… optic performance.

Like many of you, I have tried over and over again to buy the brightest, clearest optics that I can within a modest budget. I must have purchased 10 sets of binoculars and at least 3 scopes that were honestly, disappointing. Each time my budget grew and each time my disappointment level with it. One should not have to spend $800-$1500 on binoculars or $900-$2500 on a scope that are bright and clear enough to see my arrows at 70 meters.

I did finally spend that kind of money to get the quality of optic I was looking for… it just took a couple of house payments to get it. And at that point it became my mission to find a way to get high quality and clarity in a rugged, waterproof optic at a price people can afford.

After enlisting the help of people far smarter than me, we began the journey of making my mission a reality. After many months of picking glass, coatings, prisms, eyepieces, and housings, we had prototypes in hand. The results were honestly beyond my expectations. Clear, bright, durable, and easy to use binoculars and scopes at a price point that most anyone could afford.

Myself, a few other archers and hunters have been testing the optics for several months now. The consensus is that we landed well above the goal we had set. The testing group consisted of current and former National and World team members in FITA, field, 3d and indoor, in both compound and recurve. People who rely on the quality of their optics choice as much as they do the bow in their hand.

With all that being said, I would like to introduce to you, the Rebel Gear optics line. The Alpha HD Binoculars and Spotting Scope are now available online for sale.

If you have dealer inquiries and questions, please email me at; RebelGearProducts@gmail.com or use our contact form.

I’m excited to bring these products to the world and join me in the Rebellion against over-priced optics.

Jason Pfister